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"To a Nation, forests are as important as eyes to a human. Lets grow a tree, at least one per household"

We have seen dozens of slogans like this, but in reality, how many of these, have we really taken seriously and tried to implement it?

Lets see some statistics about benefits of a tree and its importance. A single typical tree produces an estimated amount of 260 pounds of oxygen in a year. To put this number in another perspective, this is enough for two humans to consume and breathe for a year. Based on a related estimation, the cost of oxygen produced by a tree that lives for 50 years is USD $30,000, the cost of water purification work it takes care is roughly $35,000, and the cost of filtering carbon in the air is roughly about $125,000. Goverment in many nations are spending billions of dollars for carbon filtering and water purification, while the trees could do it at free of cost!

Trees are cut primarily for money, so the nature saviors are also forced to estimate the worth of a tree in terms of money, while actually its beyond what money could do. But, to be honest, mother nature's worth can never be accurately estimated with money as a measure. Improving ground water level, help stopping Soil erosion, controlling the overflow/path of a river, usage in constructions area, rain fall, etc. are few of the most important benefits of a tree.

Lets plant a teak tree on the occasion of a child's birth, it'll give back once the child grows. Lets give a gift of coconut tree/mango tree sprouts on the occasion of a marriage. Lets plant a Neem tree on the loss of a loved ones, in their remembrance, which will stand tall and provide shadow for the needy, in a hot summer.

Making your kids learn to love trees, will make them learn to love human easily.

Seeds are ready with us for getting planted, our hands should be ready for planting. Lets plant at least one tree in our life time, for the benefit of our future generation.

We have given out roughly around 700 plant sprouts at free of cost for planting. Call us if you are ready to join hands with us to make a difference, we are ready to give you the plants and the plants are ready to grow as trees

“Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.”

Chad Sugg